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Étude Whitespark : les critères de référencement local 
en 2023

In a world where 88% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a related store within a week, how can brick-and-mortar establishments cut through the noise and drive traffic to their locations?

It’s all about two things: Getting found where consumers are looking and making the most of every conversion 
opportunity. And to make the most of those opportunities, you’ll want to avoid the common digital marketing pitfalls.

Join our expert speakers for a chat on how to improve your online visibility and drive more conversions with just a few adjustments to your strategy.

What you will learn

How to use image and video optimization to your advantage

The pros and cons of using keywords on Google

The conversion factors that lead to the highest ROI

Claire Carlile

Local Search Expert at BrightLocal & Claire Carlile Marketing

Google Product Expert and Owner at Online Ownership

Tim Capper

Tim Capper
Krystal Taing

Krystal Taing

Global Director of Pre-Sales Solution at Uberall


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10 Local SEO Mistakes

—And How to Avoid Them

19 July, 2023, 10 A.M. BST | 11 A.M. CET

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Tim Capper is Owner Operator and Local SEO Consultant at Online Ownership. He is also a passionate Google Product Expert with over 10 years of experience in search marketing, serving a global client base.

Elizabeth Rule

Tim Capper

Darren Shaw

Claire Carlile is BrightLocal's Local Search Expert. Her work at Claire Carlile Marketing, where she helps businesses of all sizes make the most of the local search opportunity, allows her to provide real-world skills and expertise to what BrightLocal does.  

Claire is a Chartered Marketer with an MSc in Marketing, a faculty member at Local U, and a consumer behaviour obsessive.  Claire is a big fan of qualitative research and is fascinated by consumer motivations, values and decision making.

Claire Carlile

Krystal Taing

Krystal Taing

Krystal is the Global Director of Pre-Sales Solutions at Uberall, as well as being a Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert and faculty member at LocalU. She helps brands deliver best-in-class hybrid experiences and is a respected authority on local search.

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