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Benchmark for Local Digital Marketing


Drive Loyalty: How Can Local Marketers Build More Trust?

The Local Marketing Report 2021

Dig in to learn how you can:  

Which low-hanging fruits multi-location businesses are ignoring to drive loyalty

How competitors fail to manage reviews properly

How you can create more memorable customer experiences

Even in times of economic instability, one thing is certain: Today’s consumers are and will be leveraging digital channels with nearly every purchase decision they make.

And since driving loyalty is cheaper than acquiring new customers, how can you win their trust?

In our Benchmark for Local Digital Marketing, we look at the practices that your competitors leave untapped so you can make a difference.

Inside this guide, in fact that we wanted to understand better how the pandemic affected the local customer journey,  we reveal: 

 a survey ran by other 4, 000 consumers in the US, UK, France and Germany;

 an analysis of nearly 80, 000 mid-market business locations in our own database;

  findings with the insights and recommendations of various marketing experts