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The New Face of Local ebook

The Blueprint for Creating a Successful Global Local Brand

A Blueprint for Senior Marketers & Decision Makers Looking to Implement an Effective Local Strategy


Most large brands struggle to get to their full potential because, while they may have a thorough global strategy, many don’t know how to get consistency from their locations online or how to make sure that their locations are visible and converting at their full potential. 

The global local brand report is the answer for senior marketers and leaders who want a step-by-step operational strategy for making meaningful change and making sure that change is adopted at the global, regional and local players. 

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The key stakeholders that need to be involved in any global local project

The importance of reviews, why most global brands struggle with review management and what you can do about it;

How you can get buy in from location owner/operators

This report will help you understand:




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Why a Local Approach is so Important

Download the report and find out: 

Most common reputation management strategies

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The tools you need to put in place to ensure a ‘near me’ brand experience

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At IDKIDS we give our store managers the ability to answer directly to their customer reviews. It provides them with special insights on their in-store service and allows them to keep in touch with their customers – rather than having a far away customer service handling it

Mathilde Watine

Leader of Omnichannel Transformation | IDKIDS

We try to prepare everything for restaurant owners, to set a basis for them, but if you want to have a real local experience, you need to enable the restaurant owners, the operators, managers, employees to give their input. Without that the experience is not authentic. At the local level, they are the first to know.

Florian Eckert

Senior Manager Technology | McDonald’s Germany

What people want to do when it comes to marketing is to commercialise first, but that’s not how the world works. You have to build an audience, a tribe and once that tribe trusts you... then you can commercialise it. Traditional businesses spend all their time asking “how much money are we going to make?” and “what is the ROI?”. They are not asking, “have we done the right thing for the customer?” “Can we make a value return last?” You can’t commercialise if all your customers are giving you 1-star reviews."

Andy Duggan

Digital Marketer

What the experts say

Philipp Wolf

About Brad Fagan: 

Brad Fagan is a content strategist and market insights expert at Uberall. He writes Uberall’s foundational local marketing insights studies - including the recent 'Near Me' 360 Report.

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