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The Google 3-Pack: Where Second Is First


Study on the Impact of the Google 3-Pack on Business’s .

The Local Marketing Report 2021

Every day, Google processes billions of searches – roughly half of these searches result in a 3-pack (also known as a local pack).

Securing a coveted spot in one of the first three results is key for location-based businesses looking to reach local consumers without paying exorbitant ad fees.

Inside this guide, in fact that we wanted to understand better how the pandemic affected the local customer journey,  we reveal: 

 a survey ran by other 4, 000 consumers in the US, UK, France and Germany;

 an analysis of nearly 80, 000 mid-market business locations in our own database;

  findings with the insights and recommendations of various marketing experts  

Download this Report and Find Out:

Impact of securing a spot in the 
Google 3-Pack

Top consumer considerations when choosing among businesses in the 3-Pack

Why the #2 position is more impactful than being #1