The Google 3-Pack: Where Second Is First

Study on the Impact of the Google 3-Pack on Business's Views, Clicks, and Engagement

Every day, Google processes billions of searches – roughly half of these searches result in a 3-pack (also known as a local pack)*. Often the first results shown, the 3-Pack is a gold mine for businesses looking to reach local consumers without paying exorbitant ad fees. 

In addition to revealing valuable insight on the specific factors consumers consider when choosing among search results and proving that a spot in the 3-pack significantly increases both clicks and views, our latest research uncovered a surprising fact: the number two position in the 3-pack is more impactful than the number one spot in increasing clicks and other actions that lead to online conversions.

Download this study now to learn what key factors impact your multi-location brand’s local search ranking and the actionable steps you can take to better optimize your proximity to millions of potential customers. 

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