The pandemic has irrevocably changed how customers find and interact with location-based businesses. Today’s consumer demands digital-first conveniences, and no longer distinguishes between online and offline touchpoints.

Businesses know they need to adapt but are challenged to manage the complexities of this new customer journey. In fact, 70% say they lack confidence in their ability to deliver the hybrid experience customers want, according to a new Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Uberall.

On April 26, Tijs van Santen, Chief Customer Officer at Uberall, and guest speaker Michelle Beeson, senior analyst from Forrester, will discuss the current state of hybrid customer CX, and explore the opportunities revealed by the latest Forrester study.

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The importance of a unified approach to hybrid CX

The top challenges businesses face in delivering seamless CX

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Insights to overcome challenges and navigate the new hybrid world

Meet our guest speaker Michelle & Uberall’s CCO Tijs

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Michelle Beeson

Michelle Beeson is Senior Analyst at Forrester Consulting, serving customer experience professionals. 
Her research focuses on omnichannel customer experience, digital trends, and digital commerce strategies for consumer-facing brands, including luxury. In addition to Forrester events, Michelle speaks regularly at national and international conferences. Her research has been quoted in general business media such as the Wall Street Journal and specialist publications such as Retail Week and Customer Experience Magazine.

Michelle Beeson

Senior Analyst

Tijs van Santen

Tijs van Santen is Chief Customer Officer at Uberall, a global provider of hybrid customer experience (CX) solutions. Tijs has over 20 years of international experience building go-to-market and operation teams for high-performing SaaS companies, working directly with leading global D2C brands across retail, travel, hospitality, finance and services industries. Prior to joining Uberall, he served as Chief Revenue Officer for the mobile commerce technology company Button and as Chief Revenue Officer for, the world’s leading partnership management platform. Tijs is also an advisor, investor, consultant and coach for technology and digital services businesses. Earlier in his career, Tijs worked at the leading global market research company Forrester, where he served as Vice President Global Sales, among other roles.

Tijs van Santen

Chief Customer Officer

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