The Coronavirus Effect: How the Pandemic is Changing Local Search

In a very short period, the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has flipped the relationship between online and offline.

It would be natural to assume that in the process local search has evaporated. But that’s not accurate; the crisis has both changed 
and reinforced online behaviors.

The data in this report, drawn from 5 countries and 200 business categories, offers a snapshot of how the outbreak is impacting local consumer behavior. It shows how their interests and actions are evolving with the crisis.

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A first look at data from 200 categories and 650,000 locations in 5 countries

Traffic by business category has dramatically shifted

Find out how:

Map views are down, website visits up, calls are flat

Trends are consistent across countries but with variations

We’re now more likely than ever to use the internet as a guide before spending money -- online or off. That means presence management and local digital marketing will be at least as important after the pandemic as they are today.