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The Hybrid CX Advantage

Understanding Consumer Expectations of Online and Offline Experiences

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Consumers utilize both online and offline channels to research products and services and make buying decisions. Though this isn’t entirely new, we’re now witnessing an increasingly hybrid customer journey.

Digital is where discovery starts, with 96% of consumers researching purchases online. Yet most search activity is about the real world, “near me.” And local plays a strategic role throughout the customer journey.

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To better understand post-COVID customer behavior, Uberall surveyed nearly 4,000 consumers in the US, UK, France and Germany, about trust, loyalty and what makes a great customer experience. 

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Why local brings greater trust but also higher expectations

Concrete behaviors and actions consumers take when satisfied and when they’re dissatisfied. 

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Why offering a great hybrid CX is critical, as well as its key components. 

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Philipp Wolf

Greg Sterling: 

“Companies with both online and offline assets have a significant convenience and trust advantage over online-only sellers”