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Introducing Hybrid CX

A framework to align consumer expectations with business goals

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What factors and considerations impact hybrid CX

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To optimise the customer experience, we need to understand how consumers experience brands digitally and in "real life," and how both experiences contribute to customer acquisition and loyalty. 

This report describes a hybrid CX framework that pays respect to the evolving, hybrid reality of our digital-physical world. It’s written for brands that aspire to provide a consistently great customer experience both globally and locally.  

Nearly 80% of company executives now see improving CX as a high or critical priority. And while CX can encompass a wide array of experiences and brand touchpoints, hybrid is typically the centrepiece.  

The current state of consumer expectations

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How to align your marketing with hybrid CX 

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Hybrid CX is the most tangible manifestation of a business or brand, and therefore essential to the overall CX. 

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