The Reputation Management Revolution: A Global Benchmark Report

People overwhelmingly still purchase from local stores…

Almost half of all online searches are for locations nearby and 76% of those searches lead to an in-store visit within 24 hours.

People also use online reviews to decide which store to visit - 95% of them in fact.

Better reputation management means better online engagement, more in-store visits and increased revenue — which potentially means massive growth for small and large brands.

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64,000 Locations Analyzed — 4 Different Countries — A Single Global Benchmark

Certain review factors can double conversion rates

Find out how:

In-store visits can increase by 25% when a location improves its review star rating by just .1

Locations that reply to customer reviews achieve much higher conversion rates than those that don’t

We analyzed the GMB reviews of SMB, enterprise and global brands to pinpoint the exact review factors that increased conversions and foot traffic