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How Digitalization and COVID Created the Hybrid Customer Journey

The Local Marketing Report 2021

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How the consumer journey has changed over the last year 

Download the report and find out: 

we ran a survey of over 4,000 consumers in the US, UK, France and Germany; 

we also analysed the online performance of nearly 80,000 mid-market business locations in our own database;

we extended our findings with the insights and recommendations of various marketing experts. 

After the pandemic, 82% of consumers will still shop locally. But their expectations have changed.

After (or during) a very long and disruptive episode, it’s appropriate to ask: How can businesses thrive in this new world?

Why, despite the pandemic, local marketing performance has improved

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What other marketing specialists did and what they recommend 

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We wanted to understand better how the pandemic affected the local customer journey and how businesses should respond to that. So … 

It’s highly recommendable for retailers to further connect online and offline sales. It’s utterly important that you try to make an online shop your second pillar – or at least use those possibilities that help you keep your customers up to date and close to you even when your stores aren’t open.

Lydia Oertel

Online Marketing Manager | Thalia

Your online presence is your only presence that your customers can count on; make sure they have the best experience by going through the online profile.

Barry Yim

Senior Product Manager | Moz

As marketers today, we can’t think of online and offline as separate categories anymore. As soon as we make it all about the customer, we realise that their journey has at last become totally hybrid – and we mustn’t neglect this. Businesses need to respond by making their services more convenient, ubiquitously visible and customer focused.

Philipp Wolf

Senior Content Marketing Manager | Uberall

What the experts say

Philipp Wolf

About Philipp Wolf: 

Philipp is researcher and content specialist at Uberall. For this report, he analysed almost 80k business locations as well as the responses of 4k consumers to a recent survey. All of this to find out how the pandemic affected local businesses and what it will tell us about the future. 


  we ran a survey of over 4,000 

consumers in the US, UK, 

we extended our findings with the insights and recommendations of various marketing experts. 

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