Events last year made it crystal clear that there’s no future without digital marketing. Consumers are shopping more online, in-person events have become virtual … is there still a place for offline in today’s customer journey? And how do businesses deal with this shift? 

In this webinar we examine the findings from our own data pool and share insights from leading marketing experts from Moz, SOCi, SmartTraffik, Thalia and more. 

Embrace the future of local Together, we’ll explore the omnichannel approach of today’s consumer to establish the latest best practice strategies that will help you provide a seamless brand experience to your customers, now and in the future. 

How New Local Data Will Inform Your Future Marketing Strategy

Consumer insights: Will consumers go back to local stores or stay with ecommerce?

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Learn More About: 

The pandemic effect: How did COVID affect local conversions?


Best practices: How can you overcome the current marketing challenges? 


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Philipp Wolf

Philipp is researcher and content specialist at Uberall. For this webinar he analysed almost 80k business locations as well as the answers of 4k consumers in a recent survey. All of this to find out how the pandemic affected local businesses and what it will tell us about the future. 

Philipp Wolf

Senior Content Marketing Manager

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