Are Business Listings Still Necessary to Increase Online Visibility?

Is citation building still valuable for a business today? 

That's the question we wanted to answer when we created this report. Is the juice still worth the squeeze? The value of creating local business profiles on online directories has been called into question in recent years. 

Sure it's important to have a GMB profile and maybe even have local profiles on Facebook, Bing or Apple Maps, but the others? Who needs them?

In our recent study, we analysed 115,000 companies (both SMB and Enterprise) across more than 60 directories to find out:

About the author

Bradley Fagan

Senior Market Insights at Uberall

In recent years the value of citation building has been called into question. Our latest report explores whether it's still a practice that can bring value to businesses looking for brand visibility boosts and to reach high intent customers locally.

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