Introducing a Breakthrough in Local Digital Marketing:
The Proximity Search Optimization Dashboard

As the unbranded search battle heats up, there’s no denying the importance of proximity.

At Uberall, we’ve designed a better way for you to stay on top of the key factors needed to target and convert local consumers.

The new Proximity Search Optimization Dashboard allows multi-location brand marketers to easily monitor and manage local marketing performance across hundreds or even thousands of locations.

Learn how it tracks the top 5 local marketing signals to give you a competitive edge!

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“The new Proximity Search Optimization dashboard from Uberall gives our team one place to log in and see in seconds how all of Texas Roadhouse’s nearly 600 stores are performing — across reviews, social media, and listings. Before we consolidated our local marketing efforts on Uberall, we’d lose so much time trying to find insights and metrics from multiple sources. Now we can see how we’re performing at-a-glance and dig in for more details.” 

Mary Newell, Director Digital and Brand Marketing, Texas Roadhouse