Branded vs. Unbranded Search:
 How Global Brands Can Own the Customer Journey

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What you will learn about: 

  • The most important digital elements for driving online visibility

  • We’ll break down examples of successful global strategies that are driving growth at the location level

  • The actions that are driving the highest engagements with physical locations 

About Brad Fagan - Senior Content Strategist, Uberall:

Brad Fagan is a content strategist and market insights expert at Uberall. He wrote Uberall’s foundational report on reputation management in 2019 and loves to dive deep into data to find out what makes consumers tick. He is also a keen evangelist on the power of reviews to increase consumer engagement.

In this webinar, Brad Fagan, Senior Content Strategist and Market Analyst will break down branded and unbranded search, using data and case studies to go through what makes a successful online-to-offline user journey.

Using our recent study, and real case studies from global brands, this webinar will provide real insights on branded and unbranded search and how you can impact the customer journey.

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