Join us on October 15 2020 at 12pm CET I 11am BST 

Brad Fagan, Senior Content Strategist 

As Marketing Director, Julia Goelles is responsible for content and communications, as well as global marketing at Uberall. She leads a team of content marketers, with an unwavering passion for showing multi-location brands how to tap into the online and offline opportunities with global-local marketing. Before joining Uberall, she led the marketing department of the European analytics provider Webtrekk. Julia’s favorite local search is “best coffee near me”.

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Greg Sterling, VP Market Insights 

Rebecca Crown is Uberall’s Principal for Global Strategic Accounts. In her role, she works with some of the world’s largest brands and retailers to help them improve their ‘Near Me’ brand experience and help maintain their brand identity through the entire customer journey. 

How Retail Brands Double Conversions With Unbranded Search 

October 15, 12pm CET, 11am BST

Tap into the enormous potential of local intent (‘near me’ searches)

Increase your online brand visibility to stay competitive

Quickly impact your offline revenue with an omnichannel approach

Nurture the customer relationship from online search to offline conversion

Strengthen your global brand reputation with a strong local experience  


Marketers working for large multi-location brands can harness the power of unbranded search with local intent to grow their GMB engagement by 100%

By optimising the information of each location and improving review factors, you can increase findability by those looking for the products and services you offer, helping you to get more foot traffic and more repeat journeys.

Brad Fagan, Uberall’s Senior Market Insights Expert & Content Strategist and Greg Sterling, VP of Market Insights, will explain why unbranded search matters and offer case studies and tactics that help local searchers into customers.


  • The most important digital elements for driving online visibility

  • Examples of successful global strategies that are driving growth at the location level 

  • The actions that are driving the highest engagements with physical locations

  • A summary of findings from the Branded vs Unbranded report

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